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You are outwardly an incredibly unattractive and unlikable specimen of the human race, yet somehow I have managed to find some likeable aspect of your personality
Quasimodo, I like you for who you are
by RabidWombat June 01, 2004
One who trades in male reproductive organs
"Fresh penises! Get your fresh penises here!" yelled the penismonger through the din of the market
by RabidWombat June 01, 2004
A show which feels the need to warn viewers of the "mature content" of Family Guy and Futurama, both of which aired prime-time on FOX.
Adult Swim may contain content that parents might not find suitable for children under the age of 14
by RabidWombat June 01, 2004
A pathetic attempt by a piece of software and/or human user at solving a problem which will persist despite any efforts short of divine intervention
After attempting to trouble shoot Windows ME errors for an hour, I was having trouble keeping myself from shooting my computer
by RabidWombat June 01, 2004
The common name of the Great and Powerful Bovine Lord in the Sky, Who Will Pass Judgement Upon the Earth. Or so says my cult.
Oh great and mighty holy cow, please accept this sacrifice of a human heart
by RabidWombat June 01, 2004
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