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A girl that looks like she used to be a man. Not an actual transvestite, a real girl that looks like a transvestite. They are about 6 foot tall, wear loads of make up and false eyelashes. They act mannish and drink pints.
Can't believe you pulled that troon last night
by Robi Q August 12, 2005
64 31
a woman, that resembles a man.
when "royal" is placed before the word (Royal Troon)
this woman is probably the most ugly manly being roaming the earth's surface.
Eric: "dude have you seen the girl brad slept with on saturday?"

Zaq: "yeah dude! shes such a troon. he must have had one too many!"
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
15 16
1. A person of unparalleled annoyance.

2. A life-ruiner.
3. A person that displays little or no backbone.
4. Douche
That troon just single-handedly ruined my ENTIRE life!
by GLEE23 May 05, 2009
24 27
Troon: to be in a state of, or experiencing the mental and emotional sensation, of extreme boredom combined with a profound sense of restlessness.
1. To be feeling very troon.
2. To be in a state of troon.
3. To be trooned.
Yo, yesterday I was so absolutely trooned at work. It was brutal.

person 1: Hey, hows it going?

person 2: I am feeling super troon right now. Gah, can't even focus.
by mizzredd November 14, 2011
3 10
A town on the Firth of Clyde (Scotland) personfied by golf, neds and coffin dodgers (just for a change). Unfortunately the jewel on the crown of Ayrshire, it all gets worse the further you travel from it.
Where are you from?
by Squirrelking May 12, 2004
24 33
A bird with shell wings
There was a clatter of wings as the troons took off in the evening light.
by liz keeling carter November 20, 2003
6 32
Great Adj. The best time you ever had.
We had the troonest day when we scored 4 drinks with 2 bucks we found at Murbah golf course. YYEEAAAHHHH!!!
by Daniel February 02, 2005
4 32