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Ebonic term for the word "Truth."
Your lyin' ass never tells da troof...
by Bokey Creedmont August 15, 2003
A spin-off of the word truth often used in place of a phrase like, "That's true."
Person 1: Man, global warming is fucked up!
Person 2: Troof.
by AlanK March 19, 2008
an object, concept, idea, or person that reflects a certain inherent truth regarding the human condition.

often used after the article "da"

end with a capital "F" for emphasis
those tig ol bitties over there are da trooF
by mike April 25, 2005
TROOF n.: The truth with substantial proof to accompany the aforementioned truth. TROOF is portmanteau or a combination of the words truth and proof; not a mispronunciation of the word truth as alluded to by many that do not know how to truly or creatively interpret the English language. In laymens terms the truth + proof= TROOF
According to historical accounts, America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The troof is, no place can be discovered if there were already people living there.
by The DowJonez October 22, 2011
What wiggers think black people say instead of truth
Wigger: OMG I saw that new Wiz kalifa vid omg it was so sick and dats the troof!

Blacker Person: Shut the fuck up
by oldschoolgangstaG August 22, 2011
A mispronuciation of Truth by District Attorney Kym L. Worthy from Detroit during the reading of charges against Mayor Kilpatrick and Christene Beatty of Detroit.
being lawfully required to depose the troof as a witness in a jury trial.
by Bplumeau March 24, 2008
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