Total Request Live.

An MTV show where teenyboppers pick crappy, shitty songs that eventually end up winning Grammy Awards for "Most Popular Song of the Year".
The most popular songs on TRL are: N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys, O-Town, Puff Daddy, J-Lo, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, and Eminem
by AYB February 12, 2003
Top Definition
A show that believes that people care about celebrities and that music is unimportant by playing about 1/4 of the entire song. It's about as entertaining as excrement (unless the excrement is involved with anything other than the sidewalk/lavatory, eg. on some dumbasses face).
No wonder nobody knows the name of Eminem's band - TRL only plays Eminem's verse in the song "My Band". And everybody watches TRL.
by Didda Tinkle May 21, 2004
An abbrevation for Total Request Live

A one hour long commercial disguised as a show. Has nothing to do with music, celebrities, or requests. An easy way for Viacom executives to manipulate the minds of the 10-18 yr old masses in order to mold them all into sheep. Viacom is friends with the recording industry, so the 20 seconds of each video on the Top 10 Countdown you see is intended to sell music quickly, hot off the press. This keeps the media companies from losing profits while the economy is bad.
OMG! TRL is on! I can't wait to go to Sam Goody tonight and buy whatever music MTV tells me to. I'm so young, only 14, so I have no frame of reference, sense of history, or idea of how the world operates.
by P.A. July 13, 2005
A crappy show on MTV that plays songs selected by the record companies that own it under the illusion of "voting" so that the impressionable 12 year olds who watch the crap can be tricked into buying it.
"Oh, crap, it's TRL, turn on MTV 2!"
by golden god May 07, 2003
Stands for Testicularly Retarded Loungelizard. Referring to the onetime host, Cartoon Daily. Means a sleazy corporate assmuncher, who only has balls when he is far, far away from his MTV building. Up until that point, he slurps MTV's big, fat corporate sausage until it pokes out his ass.
Did you see YET ANOTHER shitty mallpunk/shitpop/whiningweasel band on TRL? Man, I almost crapped a Cessna.
by Mikey G September 11, 2003
A crappy TV show on MTV. This show doesn't even have any decent singers on it, it's just full of Teenybopper shite. Also, they don't even play the full music videos.
I tried to watch an episode of TRL once, but about 20 minutes through, I changed the channel because it was so crap.
by Psycho Bitch April 12, 2004
Total Request Live

show on mtv in which they show music bands on monitors to a fairly small crowd, also rating them from from the top ten (one being the highest). America TRL Located in building in central NYC with large glass windows so crowd outside can cheer and hold signs to whoever cares to look out the window. It features guest celebreties that appear on the show and take minigames that the celebrity plays for audience entertainment and so the convo doesnt go dead. usually scheduled during the evening around 5:00 eastern time for live show. Television show usually for ages 12-16 year olds.
fag: TRL is showin some celebrity at 5 o'clock today
stud:who gives a shit, lets go bang some chicks
by n. turk March 23, 2005
who ever thought of trl should be forced to watch it for a day, and then realize what they have done to officaly make mtv suck.
trl's on. i hope nsync made it to number one, so i can see a 6th of their new video.
by shapy July 13, 2003
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