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anything is better then MTV, anything.
i dont want to die of watchins shows about pop and rap all day so i fliped to a channel, and hey it was VH1. I guess i could watch this instead.
by shapy July 18, 2003
who ever thought of trl should be forced to watch it for a day, and then realize what they have done to officaly make mtv suck.
trl's on. i hope nsync made it to number one, so i can see a 6th of their new video.
by shapy July 13, 2003
war is what happened wen two human meet. our emotions are too complex to live in peace. check out lord of the files. its in our blood to be jealous, and have diffrent beliefs. so how can war be elimited? by not having contact with fellow humans, or by living without advancemnt, and that my friends is impossible. oh and there were wars before america was even inhabited by anyone, including native americans.
by shapy July 15, 2003
shapy is so cool. or you could say i'm so cool
by shapy July 13, 2003
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