freshhh, gangstaaaaaa, amazing
yoo nannette you are trizzyy
by nannette is gorgeoussssss September 02, 2008
Scoring a triple kill in Halo 3, Trizzies sounds much better.
Damn Andy just got Trizzies!
by Hi Im BOK April 05, 2009
A fare card one can use to ride the subways, buses, and trolleys in Philadelphia. It refers to "Transpass", which is the official name for the weekly and monthly pass cards sold by SEPTA.
I got my trizzy ready so I can ride the el over to 15th Street and meet you by the clothespin.
by J-Nachod April 26, 2014
A threesome; typically two unattractive girls and one guy
1. Man that guy’s awesome! He had a trizzy last night!
2. Dude, those are the sluts I had a trizzy with!
3. I met two random girls in a bar last night…then we went home and had a trizzyyyyy
4. You and your friend wanna have a trizzy with me?
by Trizzy XXX May 14, 2009
super, or to the extreme limit.

Man that nigga was trizzy lame.
by thedtsupey March 04, 2009
To get Trashed, drunk, crunked.
Last night Will was so trizzy.
by Big Will C September 25, 2005
A person who is a out there; a hoe; a person who sells their body for money; short term for "a trick"
You already knew Keisha was a trizzy.
by Meka December 28, 2003

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