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Tripp: The Starfleet engineer assigned to the USS Enterprise. While an engineer and self-proclaimed physicist, he spends very little time in engineering...
Archer: "tripp! reroute power!"
Tripp: "What does this look like? the 24th century?"
by Miros December 23, 2003
A nickname for a guy who has III after his name. Trip is short for triple.
John Doe III is nicknamed Tripp.
by H February 10, 2003
an incredibly sexy,adorable,nice,caring,funny guy who always makes you laugh but can be a real butt. if you like him then usually your best friend does too and hes usually taken by either a bimbo,slut,whore,day of the week, or you or your best friend. usually very tall.
ur bff:i know he is soooo hot!!
you:i fuckin love him!!!
ur bff:ditto.
by bestbitcheva!! October 28, 2008
The hottest, coolest guy you can think of... He usually has a big penis and only likes the hottest girls. He is smart and muscular too.
Oh my god... Tripp asked me out and I can't wait to test drive that 10 inch dick!
by Biggy0987 November 12, 2010
A happy expression towards an idea or statement said by someone around you.
Example 1
Guy 1: Dude, just picked up a 24 for us

Guy 2: TRIPPS!!!

Example 2
Guy 1: Yoo, i will be at your place in 10

Guy 2: TRIPPS!!
by G-talk June 06, 2010
Noun - Restaurant, Since 1981 Tripps has built its reputation on unwavering principles and a commitment to absolute guest satisfaction. With a Kitchen that is 95% from scratch and only serves 100% Certified Angus Beef, you can enjoy an exquisite meal while your server caters to you and your entire table with confidence and poise. When you leave Tripps, you leave with a new understanding of what quality service truly is.

Has been known to cause other restaurants to close down because they just can't compare.
Guy: Why was Lone-star's food so mediocre, the waitress oblivious, and the manager, well he just came off like an amateur.

Girl: It's because you've been to Tripps on Midlothian, and once you've had the best, you can't go back to the rest.
by Leslie/Lazlo February 28, 2011
There is a Clothing company named Tripps NewYork City. In most cases that people use the word Tripps it is to signify the pants.
In most cases the pants have chains on them but they also produce Skinnys.
Person1: Never get a pair of Tripps wet!

Person2:Do you people sell any Tripps here?
by OrgyGlowstix August 04, 2008
A guy who can't stop jerking off. He jerks off so often, that it impairs his ability to function in social situations. Although a good friend, his stench is more than enough to get you thinking about the most efficient way to suffocate yourself at any given moment. He suffers from a condition called micropenis, a rare disease where the afflicted has a penis that is so small it can only be seen on the worlds most advanced electron microscope. Not much research has been done on micropenis syndrome, but experts are searching for a cure. To raise awareness for micropenis, activists advise being a total vampire for the month of June.
Tripp is such a vampire, i heard he jerks off at least 6 times a day, and to horny giraffes.
by TranswollCharles August 16, 2014