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enouther word for bitch
how's it going trip?
by amberrose January 29, 2008
6 25
To attack ,jump , or rob someone in public with a group of people.
Son, I need some cash.Lets go "trip" on somebody!
by Justamazn July 06, 2006
7 26
A dirty male bimbo (mimbo if you will) that will have sex with any woman regardless of age, size, appearance, race, weight, deformity, etc.
Dude, I can't believe you hooked up with her. You are such a trip.
by Grazstrom November 30, 2005
3 26
Actually trip can refer to most any fdrug from acid and shrooms, to plain 'ol weed.
"whats your trip, I need another rip I need another rip" KMK
by Sean September 22, 2003
9 36
This is what 30 inch or larger wheels will be called when they are inevitably made available for passenger vehicles. The word comes from Tripple (i.e. 3 for 30) just as the word Dubs comes from Double (i.e. 2 for 20).
You got yo Dubs on yo Escalade, but I got Trips on my H2.
by Nick December 06, 2004
13 103
In the muscle car industry it is an engine that has three carburetors, typically arranged in a row on top of the intake manifold.
His GTO has a 389 engine with trips.
by goldbugfever February 18, 2009
38 140
Kalies permanent boyfriend. Yey.
aww they r SOO cute together!!
by Anno March 18, 2005
10 113