To behave in an erratic fashion, as if under the influence of mind-bending drugs.
I would trip out if aliens landed on earth.
by Brock Way March 02, 2006
Top Definition
To lose your mind on drugs.
That acid made me trip out bad.
by Garlic September 07, 2003
when someone gets so high they have no idea what is going on
dude.....hes trippin out.
by C wizz February 20, 2003
1. (noun) Something that makes one start hallucinating. A word usually used whilst the user is under the influence of psychotic drugs, e.g. LSD, ketamine etc
2. (noun) Something/someone out of the ordinary; an abnormality

The use of the word is often accompanied by a hand-gesture, where one flattens out both palms vertically and makes small 'karate chops' in the air with one's wrists - a reference to a form of rave-dancing, often performed by ravers who are normally high on psychotic drugs and are likely to be 'tripping out' i.e.hallucinating.
"Dude, Finding Nemo is a tripout when you're on mushrooms!"

"I can't handle him when he's got issues in his life...he's too much of a tripout"

"You arrived at work 2 hours early?! Tripout"

"Why does that guy have white hair and black eyebrows, it's a tripout"

"The total eclipse is the biggest tripout I've ever seen"

"Those DJs were playing some seriously tripout psy-trance music!"

"Stop being such a tripout!"

"Britney used to be such a hot popstar - but now she's just become a tripout"

"I hate silent discos - the whole thing is a tripout"

"How on earth do you know my grandmother? I've only just met you?! That is such a tripout!"

"It's a tripout that McCain managed to win as many votes as he did with that nutbag woman by his side!"

by GurnGurnGurn November 07, 2008
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