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Tripped out- (1) A state of confusion and or daze (2) being on a trip (not vacation)

The phrase was made famous by rapper Hakeem Tha Dream, with his current hit single "Tripped Out" produced by Zaytoven.
"I'm sedated, I'm faded,I'm blacked out"... I'm tripped out
by Pimerica May 04, 2009
Hakeem Tha Dream is an independent rap artist that hails from the North Side of Saint Louis Missouri. He is the CEO and featured artist of PiMO(3.14,MO) Entertainment. He rose to fame with the hit single "Thick Wit It" produced by Ronnie Notch and has now followed it up with the Zaytozen produced "Tripped Out".

Fans can find him on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter under the name, Hakeem Tha Dream
Man Hakeem Tha Dream is that dude that made "Thick Wit It" and "Tripped Out" right?

I heard this dude named Hakeem Tha Dream on that DJ Woogie "Streets on Beats 32) Mixtape. He go hard no doubt!
by Pimerica May 04, 2009

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