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someone that is a slut. they'll fool around with 10 or more ppl in one nite and not care
that girl is such a trikk, she slept with jason last nite, now she's all up in brett, and who knows what she did with kyle.
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
An alternate spelling of 'trick'; usually in reference to "tricking," the evolved form of tumbling + martial arts kicks.
Let's go trikking at the park!
Try this trick set... 540_hook_Aerial_DLeg.
by >.<;; April 02, 2008
A drug used by teenagers. Comes in pill form. About $1 per pill.

Hallucinogen, but ingredients unknown.
I took a trikk pill and had a great high.
by sammmmyyyy May 23, 2010
In Greek Mmthology, Trikk was known as a great god that would destroy all of your land. The phrase "all your base are belong to us" was founded from Trikk, and his godly actions. He is said to be a very powerful being, more powerful than Jesus and God himself.
"Watch out, Trikk will destroy your base!"
by Brian Defcon April 11, 2006
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