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describes someone who kills anything that moves AKA george bush
Jesus George you completely desimated two countries in a single session of presidency. Your too fucking triggerhappy.
by krits November 17, 2003
An adjective used to describe a person who just can't wait to shoot every motherfucker in the area.
I got the M-16 and I really feel trigger happy today.
by AYB March 13, 2003
Someone who cant help but to pull the trigger every chance they get
Gangsta1:iight this is how its gonna go down.
*gun shot*
Gangsta1:goddamn, we aint even out the house n already ur shooting shit.
Gangsta2:my bad.
Gangsta3:trigger happy mo fucker.
by Young Gangsta May 12, 2006
Someone that "shotties" everything, from the car to the reclining chair.
Rob: Pass me the blender.
John: Hey, I shottied that 20 minutes ago.
Rob: Dude, your way too trigger happy.
by Austin42 February 13, 2009
To find a gun in a video game (Call Of Duty or Halo for example) and every three seconds squeeze the trigger.
That sniper made Johnson Trigger Happy
by ghettobooty117 July 12, 2008
When you finger a female at a club or any social event while being under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.
Afufu : I wasn't planning on being so trigger happy last night..

Wunnam: Yeah man you terrorized at least two girls.
by Afufu August 01, 2013
adj. being too quick off the mark to fire a gun - or send in the troops in the case of bush - or fry the prisoners in the case of bush, etc.
Jay is a bit trigger happy, he's strapped 24/7 - don't startle him man he might pop u one.
by brendan May 01, 2004