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4 definitions by Seds

A song by muse about falling away with someone when falling in love doesn't seem to work
also based on two objects being atracted to each other
and i feel my world crumbling
i feel my world crumbling
i feel my soul crumbling away
and falling away
falling away with you
by Seds March 13, 2005
16 4
Character from the nathan barley show origanally named cunt for obvious reasons. Steriotypical middle-upper class dick head hu thinks he's "it" or "the shit"
However much i hate him tho, love the show, and feel strangely attracted to the dikhead.
"OMG i've just realise hu stuart is like NATHAN BARLEY!!"
by Seds March 18, 2005
27 24
British comedy hidden camera show where dom jolly just runs around causing havock, quite funny, great soundtrack.
"World shut your mouth" gettin a bit trigger happy ther
by Seds March 13, 2005
28 38
Seds is the nickname given to the ever greatful Hannah Seddon, saving her from the embarassment of walking round with the nickname "fudge" over her head.
"SEDS!! shut the fuck up!"
Also "sedders" and "chedders" when one can be assed to use an extra syllabul.
by Seds March 29, 2005
0 14