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when used in the phrase, "that's some trifiling ass shit"; would best be interpreted as doing some bullshit that's makin' you look tacky.
That bitch asked me to throw in on gas for the night, even though i payed for her movie ticket and the dollar menu MacOut. That bitch has done some tacky stuff in the past, but that's some trifiling ass shit.
by cooljuno411 February 13, 2010
51 36
trifiling-to be trippin, being "ignorant"
man, dat nigga trifiling
by Lil C_VA March 25, 2004
165 53
gross; disgusting; wrong; messed up; something that makes you screw your face up.
someone who picks their nose.
by mourning glory May 03, 2004
113 96
1.)To treat something with less importance

2.) Insignificant,trvial,frivolous
Michael thought his homework was trifiling so he flunked and got a "F"
by Douglass davis April 17, 2006
47 59
A Lazy person; something insignificant.
that trifiling hoe won't do a damn thing.
by Shawn Vega November 03, 2008
24 41
Worthless during sex.
Betty was trifiling when i was doin her last night.
by Mad-dawg((izzle)) March 08, 2007
15 50