I dont know about the 3-generations-same-bloodline-definition listed here, but nailing 3 different women in a 24 hour period is a trifecta.

caveat, you CANNOT shower between... taking a shower defines a new sexual day and resets the clock.
So I did happy hour with LeAnne. Railed her in the parking lot, then drove to the Cafe to meet my girlfriend. Well, she wasn't there yet, but her sister was. So I railed her in the banquet room. When she finally did show up, we just went home and went at it like spider monkeys. It was the best 7 hours ever.

When I told my roommate Carl, he gave me a high 5 and called it a trifecta. I didn't know there was a name for this. True story. Summer 1992
by Big Pauly Pizzle May 02, 2008
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a perfect group of three; winning three times
Male trifecta: beer, football, blowjob
Female trifecta: wine, sex, chocolate
by sobegradle March 10, 2005
An act whereby a man is able, in one night, to gain access to all three holes of a meretricious woman.

This can be summed easily into a wonderfully simplistic mnemonic: the yapper, the snapper, and the crapper.

Man, that chick is a fucking freak! I scored a trifecta on the first date with her.
by chalmetteshocker November 30, 2008
Hooking up with a grandma, mom, and daughter all from the same bloodline on the same day. A near impossible manuever, especially when considering the legality of the daughter and the nauseatingly old grandma.
The Trifecta has happended only twice in recorded human history. Once by Baron Hans Fucksalot of Stockholm in 1893 and later by Emperor Fabulous Mastadonia in 1914. This latter Trifecta was committed on the family of Franz Ferdinand and is acknowledged to be the direct cause of the first World War.
by crazy b May 01, 2005
1. a horse-race betting combination wherein you pick three horses to win, place, and show. A difficult bet to win, with long odds and high returns.

2. Something President Bush said when a combination of three threats appeared and turned his popularity rating around in the 2001-2002 period.
Bush said "I hit the trifecta."
by Figleaf23 August 13, 2007
the action of placing your dick in the mouth, vagina, and ass of a woman in that order all in one night
i gave that bitch i brought home from the bar last night the trifecta
by kowtowndevils September 17, 2006
Catholic: Praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Doxology (Glory Be) for a specific intention.
Man, you've got some serious problems and need a lot of supernatural help. I'll pray a trifecta for you!
by prahfit February 09, 2012
A MF sexual encounter where the male inserts his penis in all three female holes: vagina, anus and mouth
Billy and Jane fucked for hours in every position, he scored the trifecta.
by Tom..... September 17, 2015

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