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while playin beirut, the ping pong ball lands on the edge of 3 cups. the opposing team must drink all three cups the ball is touching.
I gotta drink 3 cups now because of the trifecta.
by LU Hawkz April 03, 2007
a group of three close woman friends
juani, lanna, and allie constitue the WAC trifecta.
by allie June 17, 2004
Blowing your wad 3 times off the same hard-on.
Dude that bitch was so tight I hit the trifecta.
by mastrmind January 26, 2004
The act of a white girl hooking up with a total of 3 different black men in one night
Damn that girl was crazy last night, I heard she had a trifecta
by grampss June 08, 2010
The process of dating males or females that are in another family; The goal is to date them all and this is considered a trifecta.(if there is three of them)

The word can be substituted for number in the family. Ct- Quintfecta, Duelfecta, etc.

Completing a trifecta or its other forms is considered a form of ultimate win.
Guy 1- "Dang dude you dated the twins and their younger sister?"

Guy 2- "Yep, I completed the trifecta"
by Brostorm March 08, 2010
Three friends, who; when alone get with any girl they want to. When together, this "super group" becomes known as a trifecta. They are the life of the party. Guys want to be them and girls want to be with them.
Shibs: Dude i wish i was part of the trifecta
Connor: Ya i know those three guys get with so many bitches.

Mike: Ya i just railed that Victoria Secret Model
Boomie: Hahah I just banged those asian twins
Raff: I fucked a MILF....i guess that why they call us the trifecta
All: LaughS
by M.LUV June 15, 2008
The act in which a person simultaneously vomits, pees, and defecates (usually in the form of diarrhea). There is also potential to increase the amount of "fecta" by performing more bodily functions, therefore you would change the prefix of the word i.e. quadfecta, pentfecta, etc.
That Indian food I had last night made me trifecta all day today.
by Quinnalicious January 02, 2008