to take a shit that involves all three states of matter in one bowel movement. A rare but beautiful feat which leaves the participant in a state of supreme euphoria after its completion. the trifecta most often occurs after a nite of heavy drinking followed by a greasy but delicious hang-over meal.
Ryan: Dude, you were in that can forever.
Brett: I know, I pooped solid, liquid and gas. I pulled off the trifecta!
by Number 81 May 26, 2007
The act of a woman giving a man oral sex where she tickles the scrotum, works the shaft, and (for those with more experience) they may use some teeth on the head instead of the tongue.
After winning the beer pong match Justin's opponent had to give him the trifecta.
by Justin Samp April 26, 2006
a group of three close woman friends
juani, lanna, and allie constitue the WAC trifecta.
by allie June 17, 2004
Three amazing, hilarious, and loud ladies that live by the words "I don't give a fuck, fuck it" because they quite literally do not give a fuck how others perceive them. They have been known to kidnapping and wreaking havoc wherever the alcohol takes them.
Awh shit the trifecta just hit the bar, let's get the fuck out of here before they see us!
by yikesbromigo January 27, 2012
1. A group of three people with a "two dicks to one chick" ratio

2. A group of the three most bad ass sons of bitches you will ever meet.

3. The three best looking people in the world.

4. Two guys and one girl who are best friends.
1. Those two guys and that girl are hanging out in a group, they are a trifecta.

2. Holy shit! Those three people are really bad ass! I bet they are a trifecta.

3. Wow! Those three people are so good looking I just jizzed in my pants! I bet they are a trifecta.

4. Those two guys and that one girl appear to be best friends, they must be a trifecta.
by 159789654321357 June 07, 2011
The greatest combination of three human beings in the history of mankind. Good things come in groups of two. Better things come in groups of three.
The Trifecta had no beginning nor does it have an end. IT is the alpha and omega of all things being.
by Trifectawlc May 16, 2011
When you're fucking a girl, and she gets you to: shit/cum/sneeze all at once.
K-Fed-"She chained me up and had anal beads in my ass, when i was about to nut she tickled my nose and pulled out the beads so i shit, busted, and sneezed all at once! It was a Trifecta!"

Perry- "damn."
by oh jconnor November 01, 2010

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