When you're fucking a girl, and she gets you to: shit/cum/sneeze all at once.
K-Fed-"She chained me up and had anal beads in my ass, when i was about to nut she tickled my nose and pulled out the beads so i shit, busted, and sneezed all at once! It was a Trifecta!"

Perry- "damn."
by oh jconnor November 01, 2010
Trifecta is the sexual intercourse of the armpit, knee-pit, and elbow-pit. The successful fucking of each orifice will only count if a money shot is cemented on each glorious surface. If performed correctly you will live forever.
Hey bitch, let me give you that trifecta!
by ManBeast/atlas September 06, 2010
The act of a white girl hooking up with a total of 3 different black men in one night
Damn that girl was crazy last night, I heard she had a trifecta
by grampss June 08, 2010
The process of dating males or females that are in another family; The goal is to date them all and this is considered a trifecta.(if there is three of them)

The word can be substituted for number in the family. Ct- Quintfecta, Duelfecta, etc.

Completing a trifecta or its other forms is considered a form of ultimate win.
Guy 1- "Dang dude you dated the twins and their younger sister?"

Guy 2- "Yep, I completed the trifecta"
by Brostorm March 08, 2010
Blowing a single load on a chick's face, tits, and mouth. A daring and difficult move when attempted on an unwilling partner, but when a slut assumes the position for it, you know she's a keeper.
Dude, I blew an epic load last night, and moved like lightning to hit the trifecta. Bitch didn't know what hit her!


Holy shit, when she tilted her head back, opened her mouth, and lifted up her tits I couldn't hold back and blasted her with cum. What a horny little slut! You know I'm gonna hit that again and again and again!
by M-dog the Jiggaho June 12, 2009
Black, Female AND Lesbian
That chick is black, female, AND lesbian.

Ouch...the trifecta.
by Mr. Goodbar626 June 03, 2009
synonym for menage trois or three-way sex
"I'm about to have a trifecta with those two girls on the ski resort trip!"
by Dontworryboutitson October 21, 2007

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