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Breast lift surgery (with likely augmentation), full tummy tuck, liposuction.
Dude 1: Yo dookie, see that cougar? Another wonder of modern medicine.
Dude 2: Bet she hedged about $11,000 on that trifecta.
Dude 1: She's bought and paid for and runnin' fo the roses...
by Skipf32 November 13, 2007
3 7
Three things that when combined at the same time will make you implode with anger and disgust.
Olivia: Hey Megan, I went and saw an apartment...
Megan: Really? How'd that go?
Olivia: Wood paneling, Shag carpet and reeking of heavy smoke...

Megan: OMG, That's your trifecta from hell....
Olivia: *implodes*
by Twinsie August 29, 2012
1 6
the act of recieving oral pleasure from three different females in one weekend
He hit the trifecta this weekend with Nikki, Brittany, and Jamie.
by Davey Nickels March 29, 2011
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when you shit , piss and puke at te same time..that would be the trifecta effect,
my boy got so wasred he did the trifecta effect and shit , and pissed and puked everywhere...that woul be the trifecta!!!
by ms. nake u wipe up ur trifect November 30, 2010
4 9
A wolf pack of three, that are decked out in luon and are considered the best friends that anyone could have
Yo, JMK are the worlds best friends. It's like they are the Trifecta
by Luon November 09, 2010
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Trifecta is the sexual intercourse of the armpit, knee-pit, and elbow-pit. The successful fucking of each orifice will only count if a money shot is cemented on each glorious surface. If performed correctly you will live forever.
Hey bitch, let me give you that trifecta!
by ManBeast/atlas September 06, 2010
2 7
Blowing a single load on a chick's face, tits, and mouth. A daring and difficult move when attempted on an unwilling partner, but when a slut assumes the position for it, you know she's a keeper.
Dude, I blew an epic load last night, and moved like lightning to hit the trifecta. Bitch didn't know what hit her!


Holy shit, when she tilted her head back, opened her mouth, and lifted up her tits I couldn't hold back and blasted her with cum. What a horny little slut! You know I'm gonna hit that again and again and again!
by M-dog the Jiggaho June 12, 2009
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