The hair around the side of the face near the temples, that often forms a point that looks like a triangle.
Otis became obsessed with his triangles and started shaving them off every morning.
by e-dot December 16, 2006
A style of shaving woman's pubic hair where it is bare with only a triangle pointing to the clit.
My best friend and I are straight, but her and I have a special relationship.

She and I like having sex together a lot. We do it in the shower mainly.

She and I were showering each other like always, and then I grabbed the razor. I looked at eye level at her gorgeous pussy but I wanted it with less hair. I told her to spread her legs wide and not too move.

I rubbed shaving cream all over it and started shaving her. Dragging the razor over the top portion, and below to make it bald. I shaved all but a triangle pointed to her clit.

She moaned as I shaved her and later as I stroked her newly shaven kitty
by Horny hooker November 06, 2013
the section above the dick or vagina for a skinny person
dude my triangle itches so bad becuase i shaved it
by larson1 January 16, 2007
1. A word used in sex that means a females private part.
2. an orgy with 3 people
When having sex a male sticks his dick into the women's triangle

In the movie Austin Power's in Goldmember Austin Powers wanted to have a triangle with japeniense twins.
by g-nicrap September 02, 2007
A man is laying on his back, and one woman is siting on his mouth (oral) and other woman is on top of the man's genitals. And the two woman facing each other are kissing, licking and/or touching each others breast or mouths.

If seen by someone that is watching, the bodies form the shape of a triangle.
Hey lets get into a triangle - A little something for everyone.
by md oh so October 04, 2009
A Musical Instrument That Requires Incredible Patience To Play Some See It As A Retards Play Thing But As A Percussive Instrument Makes A Beautiful Tone If Played Properly With The Correct Stroke Technique And Production Of Overtones.
The Triangle Added A Wonderful musical Treat To The Light Tone Of The Ensemble.
by Otacon May 17, 2004
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