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The most famous jewellery ever, often worn by moshers who aspire to work at nettos
Rhino: Nice earrings
Mosher: Thanks they're titanium earrings
Rhino: Thought so
by Triangle-ee September 27, 2008
the ultimate shame.
carol: i love rhino
triangle: oh, shameage for rhino.

*jez falls over*
rest of triangle: SHAMEAGE FOR JEZ!
by triangle-ee February 03, 2009
abbreviations of names;
jam = james
bert = robert
-people who fulfil these characteristics; inseparable since birth OBV. share a birthday sometime in february. live two doors apart from each other + gladys lives between them at number 17. same schools. bmfl's ;D
jam: yo we is in bradford because that is TOWN, not halifax, that is not town.
bert: :M ye.
char: hahahahah look at that man, hahaha. hahhahahahahhahahaha.
jam&bert: char, you talk posh..
char&laura: nonononono
gaz: yeyeyyeye proper do.
by triangle-ee February 04, 2009
this consists of 3 special people - crj.
Triangle: Hello friend...
by triangle-ee January 22, 2009
someone originating from eccleshill, a male who likes slipknot and says (8)CAROL!!!(8) alot. Wears titanium earrings, netto reject, rich boy...apparently. mop for head.mosher obv. sometimes associated with crj.
Passmore: i love carol.
Carol: hello friiiiend...
by triangle-ee January 26, 2009

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