Describing word referring to a person. Generally the person looks like a triangle when in a vertical position. The point of the triangle is at the person's feet while the shoulders are the flat part, or base. This person is usually muscular. Most men aquire this "triangle" looking form, but some women do also.
Dude, Brooke's been working out lately, she's a triangle!
by orignial_loser April 10, 2009
A female genital piercing using a captive bead ring or a circular barbell. The piercing is made in the clitoral hood behind the clitoris, so the jewellery runs behind the clitoris. Often used with a standard horizontal hood piercing. Incredible sensations are reported from a Triangle. Only to be performed by very experienced piercers.
My wife used to have 2 triangles and 3 horizontals on her hood, and did she go off when I ran my fingernail over them...!
by winaje May 20, 2006
A relationship between 3 people, usually sexual.
1 Girl + 1 Girl + 1 Guy = a triangle
by Lena W. February 19, 2005
female genitalia; specifically the vagina
My triangle itches; I think I have a yeast infection.
by Micki July 28, 2004
the part just above the dick or vagina on a skinny person
dude my triangle itches so bad
by larson1 January 19, 2007
a group of three steezy people. when they see each other they feel complete. no one else can join the triangle because then it would be a square. and no one likes to be a square.

i'm gonna go cry now because i'm not part of the triangle
by ikabod December 19, 2010
The greatest colour known to man, Women do not know this colour for some reason, it is a colour consisting of a mixture of black, white, brown, gold and many other gay colours.
man his hair is so rad wat colour is that.

dude are u fuckin retarded thats triangle.
by braddlzz July 13, 2008

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