A classy lady, who is respected.
Someone who is looked highly apon by all.
by stephanie November 20, 2003
Bitchy chicks at EMU. Also like to give up the buns.
Tri Delt...Everyone else has.
by CoorsLightEMU April 22, 2003
The girl at the D-Chi or Fiji party who everyone is paying attention to because she is the loudest and mostgirl there. She is also good looking, but not in the overly done-up way, and is dressed well in name brands, but not so much slutty as cute. Rival of the Chi O, teaser of the Gamma Phi, and will have an AKL fuck buddy. The Pi Phis refer to the Tri Delts as ghetto, but that's just because as bulimic crackheads, they are jealous of the Tri Delts.
Gamma Phi #1: Who is that bitch?
Gamma Phi #2: Which one?
Gamma Phi #1: The girl with the brown hair in the Abercrombie tank top and Hollister capris with the Coach bag and Chanel sunglasses.
Gamma Phi #2: Oh, the one who's flirting with Lindsey's boyfriend and laughing really loud?
Gamma Phi #1: Yeah, her.
Gamma Phi #2: Oh, that's that Tri Delt that used to get on that one AKL but she dates that D-Chi.
Gamma Phi #1: Ew. What does she have that I don't?
Gamma Phi #2: A really good personality, I guess. And she doesn't wear as much makeup or trendy shit from Urban Outfitters. And her hair isn't falling out because she bleaches it too much.
Gamma Phi #1: Okay, whatever, shut up.
by Sunny December 22, 2003
A sorority consisting mostly of overweight women. They're also known to be about as easy as 2nd grade math class. Short for Delta Delta Delta.
Tri Delt #1: "Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos."
Tri Delt #2: "Hey, that one hippo looks a little bit like Susie."
Tri Delt #1: "No, I think it looks more like you. What happened with you and that new miracle diet anyway?"
Tri Delt #2: "Oh, I lasted 2 hours, but then I had this killer craving for Krispy Kreme."
Tri Delt #1: "That'll happen. Pass me half of that cheesecake."
by Nick D May 22, 2004
Those bitches that like to back that ass up into the other types of greeks. I hate greeks, except those that like to sit on me.
"Tri Delta....Come ride the friendly thighs"
by Fledermaus187 January 25, 2005
Freak in the bed, cuz all sorority girls are FREAKS!!!
yo man, i just naiiled this bitch, she was a total tri delt
by sp4nky May 30, 2004

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