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The Downriver community of Trenton was founded in 1834. It was then called Truaxton. In 1850, a new plat was recorded under the name of Trenton. It was again incorporated February 10, 1855. In 1929, a portion of Monguagon Township, called Sibley, was annexed to give Trenton it's present size. In 1957, Trenton became a city. Trenton sits to the west of Grosse Ile, to which it is connected by two bridges.
Joe: Where were you born Chris?
Chris: Why are you asking me that?
Joe: Making sure you still remember.
Chris: ........Trenton? Yup that's it's.
by Zarow October 28, 2008
one tuff city where you either rap, sling rock or got a mean jump shot. Not as hard as camden, but tuffer than Newark.

Where white kids get scared and old people get robbed, there is no place like trenton, NJ
yo, do not take me to trenton!
by EEC4 November 27, 2005
A Trenton is an amazingly sexy guy! You cant get him off your mind once your attatched. He has a awesome body and girls are always attracted to him. He loves to party but can be a dick to girls when he does party. One turnoff about a Trenton is all that he wants in a relationship is sex. His relationships are always short. Trenton’s look good with a girl that loves to party, brown hair, beautiful eyes, and a good body. Trenton used to like her but never hooked up with her.
girl: look there's trenton!
Girl 2: OMG he is sooo hot! (:
by Seriaa August 21, 2011
The grimest city in central Jersey with the North East And West Wards notoriously infested with gangs and gritt
you have to be hardbody to survive
This place is crazy says bob is west trenton Styuvesant Ave.
by Tito878 August 31, 2006
A city in central New Jersey known for its gangs, violence, and ghettos. The state capitol of New Jersey. Second worst city next to camden, NJ. Very high crime and drug rate. To survive in trenton you have to be tuff inside and out. Trenton is as hardbody as it gets.
Trentonian:" A bitch don't give a fuck where you from, nigga we reppin t-town to the fullest."
by tanksgbaby June 16, 2008
The most hardass city in Jersey. Known for drug dealing, gang banging, ass kicking, and skanky bitches.
Trenton is so hard core, if you dont watch it, your ass will be grass.
by SgtJohnson February 03, 2010
Trenton, also known as the armpit of Southern Ontario. Filled with prostitot mommies, wiggers and every other reject in the Bay of Quinte can be found at one of our 7 Tim Hortons locations in a population of approximately 19,000. Money well spent, do the math. If you're along the 401, don't blink or you'll miss this lovely skidmark of a town.
Let's all go to Trenton to live on welfare like the rest of them!
by bella22 April 09, 2009
Capital of New Jersey. Where George Washington was going when he crossed the Delaware. Where the Americans had their first real victory over the British. Home of the tomato pie. Home of the "Trenton Makes" bridge. Home of the Trenton Thunder and the Trenton Titans. Where the Brooklyn Bridge was made. Where the first Bayer asprin, the first Magic Marker, Champale, the first Trojan condom, oyster crackers and Taft's bathtub were made. Site of the first professional basketball game. Birthplace of Poor Righteous Teachers, Stephanie Plum, Dennis Rodman and Star Jones. Home of Art All Night, Passage Theatre, and the War Memorial. Where some suburbanites fear to go, for no good reason (they also need to sleep with the light on when they watch a scary movie, so you figure it out). Pronounced either with or without the "nt".
I had dinner at Settimo Cielo, saw a show at Passage Theatre and then played Scrabble at Classics Books until midnight in Trenton. I love that town!
by Trentonian February 03, 2010