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trent: also used as an adjective trenting is when you are bored dont know what to do and throw a fit and start breathing unnecessarily loud and do it to friends
ugh!!!! man i dont even know what to do any more... ugh!!!! why me?!?!?!? ii am trenting
by teenmobile..lol fuck u June 12, 2010
15 28
A word of insult usually used in place of other vulgar language. Common to it's synonym fuck, trent can be used in any manner of the English language.

Common words trent can be substituted for: fuck, douche, shit, crap, damn, hell, etc.

Past: Trented
Present: Trent, trenting
Future: To Trent
As a person: Trentist,trentologist

Areas of study-
Trentology: The study of trent and trentism. The trentist way of life!

Trentologist: A person who is an expert in the field of trent from the past.
Noun: Can I go to the bathroom? I need to take a major trent.
Verb: That homo right there tried to trent me.
Adjective: Damn!!! What happened to you? you look like trent.

Random Examples:
You trented son-of-a-gun
Cut that trent out
Touch me again and you'll feel a load of trent
Trent you mutha trenta!
Kick me in the trent and call me Sally
That's a bunch of trent

Bob: What are you studying?
Jake: Trentology
Bob: I wish I was trentist
by Kyle Rybarczyk April 16, 2008
243 256
An utter faggot who likes it when guys ejaculate in his anus, he loves to tea bag muscly men as well as lick there ass whole. Mixture of Greek and Italian just proves how much of a cock sucker he is
Trent: Oh Em Gee, I feel like cock for breakfast.
by Poya Mardini July 24, 2011
9 23
a person who masturbates way too much
by demowizard87 May 26, 2009
55 75
1 a: a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in sales
b: a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of sales glory
c: one who is an acknowledged leader of selling

2 a: Adjective synonymous with totally cool. See totally cool.
b: Although it's now used as another word for cool, it literally means something so amazing, one is in awe seeing it.
c: The highest rank of a 'cool' saying to describe a person(s). Trent is greater than cool, wikad, sick, super, kick-ass, and mega put together.

1: "That dude's a Trent. I saw your Trent. I have to go to this Trent. That Trent closed the deal underwater in pirahna infested waters while rescuing a kidnapped chicken in under an hour."

2 a: "That's Trent! And by Trent, I mean totally cool"

b: "I was struck with awe when I witnessed Anna's video editing skills. It was Trent."

c: "Duuuuuuuuuuude.... that video is so Trent!"
by AnnaBananarama May 19, 2008
27 53
Master of douchbaggery. Ugliest wannabe jonas brother ever. Has some weird ass lookin' hands. Wears hollister shirts to the maximum. I hate your jokes. Doesn't know how to spell any word ever made. Pathetic excuse for a "man".
Lisa: "Look at that fag wearing a hollister shirt and TRYING to make everyone laugh!"

Yolanda: "Oh, he's totally pulling a Trent!"
by ihateyoualotalot April 17, 2010
20 50
1. A queer bait with a tiny penis.
2. A fucking faggot ass bitch motherfucker who nobody likes.
3. A gay male who likes to take it in the ass; also known as buttsex.
1. "He is such a Trent!"

2. "Wow, what a Trent."

3. "Ew, gross! I bet he's a Trent!"
by whathefuk February 08, 2010
51 82