One of Serbian descent, whom can be identified by their pencil thin beard, and loud anti-social behavior. Often found yelling discriminatly abusive slanger such as, 'Three Jagerbombs', 'Fourty-seven dollars?' or 'Bitch I'm a monster, no good blood sucker. Fat motherfucker, now look who's in trouble.'

A Trent, commonly refered to as a 'Tent', is found in the western suburbs of Western Australia. Common known associate is a random Midland local. A Trent will give this known associates lifts to the pub or lifts home .. lifts anywhere and everywhere to be honest.

The diet of a Trent is high protien for his aesthetics. KFC among his favourite. This low fibre diet results in massive explosive very dark stools accompanied by regular flatulence.

The mating call of a Trent is complex and often confused for the homosexual mating call, hence a Trent will commonly be found with a male in the upstairs room of the ABH.

Warning: DO NOT approach a Trent.
I'm alone and something just farted ... Must be a Trent near-by.
by gooch999 March 04, 2012
A man with a small dong. Usually has weird shaped balls that look like chicken nuggets. A Trent usually can't get the ladies but excels at getting males
Dang steer away that's a Trent
by Biggy918273 November 15, 2014
A major douchebag. He only thinks of himself and screws over anyone that he can. He's manipulative, and though he thinks he's awesome in bed, he actually sucks. Girls just don't want to hurt his ego. No one actually likes Trent.
Guy One: "Don't tell Judy but I'm cheating on her with her best friend."
Guy Two: "Man, why do you have to pull a Trent?"
by marsytwo October 05, 2013
— v 1. To make an unwarranted appearance in a chat room, and demand answers to questions about who owns the chat room. 2. To remain in a chat room long after being asked to leave, without responding to other people in the chat room.
1. This guy came into our chatroom and started trenting.

2. That person is a trenter, you'll have to kick them out of the chat room.
by MrSlausen October 30, 2012
A person who has a chach personality. Usually acts like a goody goody when in front of adults, but when around people of his same age, he acts like a flamboyant egotistical narrow urethra. His behavior is often very poor and he tends to quit anything others are beating him in. Avoid at all costs because he will become a nuisance.

Synonyms: Chach
Example: Dude! Did you see Larry? He was acting like such a Trent.
by squantoh September 13, 2012
a creepy person who is trying to hard.
'He's such a pedo'
'yeah a real trent'
by livewhilewe'reyoung September 21, 2012
The equivalent for shit or the act of defecating. A natural part of life required to remove waste.
Guy: "Guys I'ma go take a Trent"

Dude: "Holy Trent, someone save me!"

Girl: "Eww, you smell like Trent"
by Zeke Mason December 22, 2011
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