1 a: a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in sales
b: a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of sales glory
c: one who is an acknowledged leader of selling

2 a: Adjective synonymous with totally cool. See totally cool.
b: Although it's now used as another word for cool, it literally means something so amazing, one is in awe seeing it.
c: The highest rank of a 'cool' saying to describe a person(s). Trent is greater than cool, wikad, sick, super, kick-ass, and mega put together.
1: "That dude's a Trent. I saw your Trent. I have to go to this Trent. That Trent closed the deal underwater in pirahna infested waters while rescuing a kidnapped chicken in under an hour."

2 a: "That's Trent! And by Trent, I mean totally cool"
b: "I was struck with awe when I witnessed Anna's video editing skills. It was Trent."
c: "Duuuuuuuuuuude.... that video is so Trent!"
by AnnaBananarama May 20, 2008
verb: to fail or miss the mark epically
Wow, I really trented that test today.
by exiledbyGod November 16, 2009
1. The guy in a group of friends who nobody likes,who also sends pictures of his dick to girls he hardly knows who tells his friends she couldn't stop laughing because it was so small

2. A small Penis

3. Anything small( referd to as a Trent)
"His names Trent? he must have a small dick"

"Look at that little Trent"

"The laptop was so Trent i couldnt believe it"

"Did you see all of the girls laughing at that Trent"
by Clint0fTheDead February 08, 2010
Derived from the douchebag, Trent, played by Travis Van Winkle in the "Friday The 13th" 2009 remake; a Trent is anyone who loves themselves, anything directly relating to them that isn't another living thing, describes tits as "stupendous" and comments on their nipple placement, and screams like a bitch.
John: Hey! That chair you broke was a family heirloom! What the hell!?

Steve: Dude, don't be Trent! That chair was ugly anyway.
by J. Voorhees February 14, 2009
A family which is mainly female. And loves clothes.
Samantha = "Toni has gone shopping again"
Choi-ha = "She is a Trent!"
by Tonii~~ June 11, 2009
A dumbass. Some 40 year old rapist who looks like a queer caveman. But he has a good personality
Dude!!! That guy must be Trent.

Yea but uhm. Ew Hes ugly
by Trent Zuchs Deek April 10, 2009
the slang for deficating, whether public or private.
'hey man lets go rent out a hotel room and trent off the penthouse balcony'
'yeah man sounds gnarly'

'man, im not sleeping in that bed, theres a filthy trent in there'

'that food looks like a deepfried trent'
by tnuk<- April 18, 2009

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