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— v 1. To make an unwarranted appearance in a chat room, and demand answers to questions about who owns the chat room. 2. To remain in a chat room long after being asked to leave, without responding to other people in the chat room.
1. This guy came into our chatroom and started trenting.

2. That person is a trenter, you'll have to kick them out of the chat room.
by MrSlausen October 30, 2012
a creepy person who is trying to hard.
'He's such a pedo'
'yeah a real trent'
by livewhilewe'reyoung September 21, 2012
A fat dude, short hair doesnt cover up his pizza face. He is completely into sweet talking girls so he can get into there pants or get them to send nude pictures. He is completely deceitful and you can NOT trust him, no matter how nice and trustworthy he comes across as. He will gather info and use it all against you.
Girl: Gosh, he really is a player
Guy: Yeah, he's such a Trent.
by dub-derulo12342456 January 06, 2012
The equivalent for shit or the act of defecating. A natural part of life required to remove waste.
Guy: "Guys I'ma go take a Trent"

Dude: "Holy Trent, someone save me!"

Girl: "Eww, you smell like Trent"
by Zeke Mason December 22, 2011
Epic Fail
That dude is a total Trent
by greeneyedfreak May 04, 2011
Kid who has no swag whatsoever. He is booobbooo R' US. But he gets the pearl from butterfaces.
by Sugardolphin97 October 19, 2011
a metrosexual weirdo who thinks he is gods gift to the earth. Someone who studies new slang words at night, just in case he might be able to somehow slip one into the conversation the next day just so he appears cool. Does everything he can to fit in even tho he is a closet homosexual and isn't funny.
Man, that guy is trying so hard to fit in he is definitely a Trent
by karen0000022 March 08, 2011