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douche bag that reads twilight and thinks he's cool
Bro, that guy's being such a trent. Lets get out of here.
by Dan gle sack December 31, 2008
26 75
A giant fag who is so absorbed with himself.
probably the guy that absolutley no one ever wants to hang out with, or always picked last in sports a PE
also, thinks he is the best in the entire universe

Probably "NEVER" reies at anything to look cool
Hey dont be a trent, actually try homo.
Hahaha you pulled a trent.
by Antidisistablishmentariologist March 29, 2009
20 73
usually a big fag. Massive nose. another word for swollen lips. . insecure. D-O-U-C-H-E. annoying.annoying voice...just overall ANNOYING
"did you see the trent on that kid!!?"
"yeah dude, that thing was huge!!"
by laurabiggirljodi898 October 21, 2008
29 83
Trent is a douche.
Look at that guy over there.. Isn't he such a trent.
by Mr Wise September 16, 2008
31 88
a fat fashion guy
to trent is to look colour co ordinated
by big fat warandi September 07, 2008
13 70
Australian term, A White/Caucasian guy who has an Asian chick for a girlfriend
'man i know its a trent move but i'm to take out cindi to the movies'
by smaxta June 03, 2006
82 140
backstabbing two faced friend.
I can't believe him, he's such a Trent.
by jessica McMahon December 11, 2007
29 99