A ditch, A ditch that is 5-6 feet deep and has sandbags on each side and houses men
Used the the Great War
P1:We are playing a WWI game why are we in a ditch?
P2:Its a Trench! and the fact is WWI was fought using trenches and planes
by Penis warrior November 14, 2008

2.A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous.
Damn! Lisa is such a trench she's been with ten guys this week.
A title given to a female whose genitilia meet most or all of the following criteria:
1)wide and/or large
2)beat up and bruised from constant bombardment
3)usually inhabited by more than one man at a time
4)un-sanitary and diseased
Dude #1:Hey, I heard Joe climbed into The Trench last night.
Dude #2:Yea; poor guy will never be the same again.
by !?!?!?!?!?!?!? July 04, 2008
shortend version of Trenchcoat, a duster like long coat commonly worn in black or tan. black is viewed my many to be the more styleish and/or threatining.

confers cred only if you got it from a thrift store or a friend as they are damn expensive bought new.
"woah dude where did you get the trench?"
"it was like, 3 bucks at good will"
by pencilears May 02, 2005
Large group of people dancing close together on a dance floor.
On prom night, the high school students got down in the trenches.
by TRENCHES-X May 19, 2011
To walk through your front door, fall down, and skid to a stop, leaving a small trench in your floor. Caused by sleep deprivation and/or intoxication.
"Damn, I was tired... I just went home and trenched."
by Indigo March 01, 2004
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