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When you pound a girl in the stench trench, and you shoot your "missles" into her "bunker"
Man, last night was the worst trench warfare ever
by front_line_soldier April 29, 2005
12 6
warfare where opposing sides attack and counterattack while in ditches, first thought of in WWI.
trench warfare in world war I
by chris1143 November 04, 2010
7 3
The act of hitting on the ugliest girls at a party/social setting in hopes that you will pick one up.
A-Look at Dan over there.
B-Wow, he is deep in some serious trench warfare.
A-Yeah man, he's desperate.
by MC Patty Fresh September 11, 2010
3 1
the kick ass metal band that will rule the world.
hey man did you mosh at he trench warfare show last night?
by richard smore September 08, 2010
2 4