Tree huggers are stupid dumbasses who love the environment. They cry about killing animals and say "your sick!" If you kill a deer. Then, usually it's a tradition to grab yor remington shotgun and say " GET OFF MAH LAWN!!!"
Bob: Hey see those Tree huggers?
Ron: yea, I'm gonna give em a taste of mah buckshot!
by Laoej123345 February 02, 2013
A person who most likely originated from Canada or the Northwest coast, who loves trees and all nature. who would bravely die to save the trees.
Tana Armitstead is a dedicated Tree hugger who is fighting for peace and Trees.
by Khana Dai October 05, 2003
I girl who is known to have sex in parks
i fucked that treehugger she didnt wanna get a room LOL
by ODEYASHAXAAFADA August 17, 2011
Wear clothes from thrift stores or in some weird outfit i.e. diaskis, wool skirts. Wears head wraps and frequents open night poetry events. Always says "Peace!" Fake enviornmentalist
Ex. Used in a sentence. Latasha is a treehugger!
by Lizzy L-dell April 13, 2010
a stalker
drop my girlfriend off after a date i would hug a tree waiting to see if she would head back out . Hence being a tree hugger
by the original tree hugger May 30, 2011
ME! I'm a treehugging dirtlover and I'm proud of it!
She loves this earth, so she must be a treehugger.
by LizzieLu March 22, 2004

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