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An Irish novelty sportswear company that makes novelty Tuxedo Tracksuits and accessories etc. Their logo is a zippered dicky bow and their motto is "WHEN SMART MEETS CAUSAL ". The company was started buy a few people looking for something to wear for a bachelor party.
Bobby: Hey Greg is the a tuxedo or a tracksuit
Greg: Hey man it hybrid of both called a Traxedo
by Billy1969 September 14, 2014
type of clothing, a sweatsuit or tracksuit, becomes of uniform. sometimes worn in place of more formal attire. most commonly worn in the hip hop, rap community.

very comforable

taking the term tuxedo - as formal attire, and blending it with tracksuit - traxedo

most famous traxedo - Adidas
He wore his favourite black traxedo to the dance.
by mellymelflash March 13, 2010

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