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Any indiviudal or group of individuals who engage in what is frequently referred to as the trap, which is the area, generally a corner where drugs are sold.

An exceptionally good trapster is known as a trapstar

Synonyms: Pusher, Trapper, Dealer, Brickflipper, Birdflipper, chirper, nextel hanger, track star
When i pulled up to the corner, all the trapsters offered me crack.
by Suprizzle August 05, 2005
Mouth/anus/cock/rat any sexual tool on one's body. Can also be used by those of the lacks forum.
ryanjdunn: ''choc lad, i was fearing the pertrusion of my trapster lad, with his trapster lad''

choc: ''hush your trapster lad, i got my trapster in her trapster last night''
by Ellster January 22, 2007
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