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Having Everything on lock and order.Doing wha needs to be done in order to surive.
I am Trap Star at work and in the class room,
by wmHolliday May 26, 2006
104 394
one that is good at drug dealing, or someone that makes alot of money from drug dealing. See Trapper.
Dat niggas sold so much weight this year, hes a trap star.
by xbell April 09, 2006
851 186
A drug dealer,one who deals drugs,sells all kinds
of drugs,makrs profeit by hustling and or selling drugs
"tonight im finna meet a trapstar and buy 5 pounds of purp."
by XXX killa October 20, 2005
833 227
a nigga making paper

or even....

A guy or female making a lot of money
dat young jeezy nig is a trap star
by Jenna a.k.a J-Dawg October 17, 2005
647 245
A Drug Dealer who works in a Trap house. Trap Stars are usually very good athletes being able to run fast, shoot fire arms well, and sell drugs amazingly fast. Trap Stars always stay with a firearm because of the money they have and have to protect the drugs and their life for the junkies.
"My Trap house is BUNKIN! We already flipped atleast 20 pounds 10 bricks."

"That man's trap is doing numbers! Damn thats a trapstar."

"We been trappin all day, pockets on swoll like arnold used to be."
by ezk88 April 16, 2007
318 119
A person who particularly sells narcotics and is able to buy expensive things your average american citizen couldn't afford from sellin so much drugs
If ones able to buy a $5000 watch,a 2009 car,a diamond chain,buy all the latest jordans,wear a different coogi outfit,and can afford a $800 leather coat! that makes them a trapstar
by Killer G March 03, 2009
127 69
a hustler that sells drugs and pulls mad hoe$
Hey if you wanna come party come with me to my trapstar homeboy's house, he's got drugs liq and mad hoes !!
by xJenny From The Blockx June 30, 2010
50 65
A dedicated social worker usually a rapper, with a passion to help people
Young Jeezy a trapstar, won trapper of the year four times in a row
by 5yeartrapstar January 25, 2011
58 91