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1) Treating someone differently, because of their gender identity or gender presentation.

2) Also, refusing to treat someone differently because of their gender identity or gender presentation.

3) Referring to a transgender person, or treating them, in any manner other than exactly what they would like you to.
A: "Check out that guy in the dress; what a fruit."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."

C: "Hey, see that guy over there in the dress?"
B: "That's a girl."
C: "No, it's clearly a guy."
B: "She's wearing a dress, therefor you should refer to her as female."
C: "That doesn't make any sense."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."

C: "Hey, whatever happened to John?"
B: "John got sexual reassignment surgery. Her new name is Guenevere McAwesome."
C: "That's moronic; I'm just going to keep calling him John."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."
by Buki March 23, 2007
To make a group of people feel like they are lesser. Or, to make them feel ashamed of their collective identity.

Coined by Dr. Cornel West.
Any time you flip on the TV, you can seen how the American media will niggerify African Americans.
by Buki February 21, 2008
Pretty much all straight males describe themselves as a "lesbian trapped in a man's body" at some point or another. After they realize that everyone laughs at them when they say that, they start describing themselves as a transdyke. This is done under the idea that if you use a word people don't understand, they take you more seriously.
A: I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body
B: You're an idiot.


A: I'm a transdyke
B: *confusion*
by buki March 17, 2007

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