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1- A Spilt BeerTransient male or female who's only source of earned income is from the recycling of cans, bottles,plastic and glass.
2- Any person who digs through the trash can(s) located in the Bottle Return Center to recover bottles/ cans that have been discarded after the machine refused to take them. These Can Goblin's then take those nasty waste riddled items into the store with them and hold up the Express check-out line arguing over 10 cents that they have just stolen out of the stores trash can.
3- Any person that regulary enters a store with the sole purpose of just using the Bottle / Can return machines, bathroom, and to eat the free samples from the Bakery Department, without ever purchasing a thing from the store.
4- A term used by Loss Prevention / Security personel to quickly identify a persons intent, direction of travel, and regular in store habits, with only one name.
5-"gobelinus canne"
1-"I couldn't finish returning all my cans because that Spilt BeerCan Goblin was using all the machines."
2-"I had to wait ten minutes while someSpilt Beer Can Goblin in the Express line tried to return a beer can filled with a syringe and piss."
4-"Can Goblin coming through the main door."
5- "Et tu gobelinus canne abi in malam rem." ( And you Can Goblin go to the Devil.)
by SHP October 14, 2004
1- Meth fiend male or female who walks through life by springing upward onto the balls of their feet, and toes with each step creating an extra up and down movement while they walk.
2- To walk in a mannor that is consistant with those who are meth fiend's.
3- A single term used by Loss Prevention /Security personel to quickly identify a potential criminal threat based solely on how someone walks.
"There is a Bouncy Walk across the front of the store with 20 boxes of matches."
by SHP October 14, 2004
The use of a handwritten cardboard sign to panhandle by a male or female spilt beer transient.
The most efficent way for a spilt beer transient to panhandle after drinking too much.
"Man when I get into town I just kickback and hang a sign for a few hours."
by SHP November 25, 2004
1- A term used to describe the odor of a male or female Transient, or Can Goblin who is too close to you.
"That Spilt BeerCan Goblinis out back in our trash again."
by SHP October 14, 2004
1- To pass out drunk / high in the street.
2- To snore after getting knocked out in a street fight.
1- "That guy was just laying next to his 40 can of beer asphalt sleeping."
2- "He got knocked out with just one punch. Now he is asphalt sleeping it off."
by SHP April 17, 2005
1-A slang term for transient.
1-"That TransAnt is asphalt sleeping out back again."
by SHP April 17, 2005
1- A metrosexual}
Metrosexual with the word male after it.
3- Effeminate
4- Effeminacy
5- "Girlie Man"
1- See metrosexual defined
2- The combination of the two words seems to embrace the condition better.
3- See Effeminate
4- See Effeminacy
5- The Governor of California once said it, because he is against it.
by SHP April 19, 2005

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