Tranquility means to treat every person the same, whether they be tall, short, homosexual, straight, black, white, whatever. Treat everyone equally and treat them the same. Tranquility originally came from the website Stickam.
look at those people who believe in Tranquility, that is so cool.
by ilikecheesecake2 March 14, 2008
Top Definition
someone who desires peace and beauty...
The poor long for riches,
The rich long for heaven,
But the wise desire tranquility.
by aheyde1 August 27, 2005
Peaceful, quiet
In the forest bob was surrounded by tranquility. Before the bears attacked him an ate him up :]
by Joebeatskj October 13, 2010
A relaxing game that can be found at
Hey Bob, did you ever play the game, "Tranquility?"

Yeah Bill, its effects are so enlightening!
by smurf88 February 16, 2005
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