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Riz (noun) - Replaces any word that would otherwise represent negative enthuisasm. Capital "R" optional.

to Riz (verb) - The act of rizzing in any given situation
1)Wow, did he riz up or what?
2)What a rizzurp.
3)Bitch, you're going to get rizzed up!
4)Fuck! I just rizzed all over myself.
by Ossining January 27, 2008
rolling papers - as in 'rizla'
guy 1: hey man, you got any riz?
guy 2: yeah here, take a couple
by RABBIT:) June 19, 2009
A word used to substitute heezy, hizzle, shizzle, etc.
"That movie was off da riz!"
by Boppo April 17, 2004
a riz is a person who used to be (rather) normal, but then turned terrorist.
BO: "dude, who's that terrorist looking guy?"
KEN: "dude, that's a riz, man!.."
by j0r April 21, 2008
Joint - Reefa - Riz Up Man
comin for a riz me ode
by Daveze April 08, 2005
A massive round turd that makes a great 'plop' as it hits the water.
"O my goodness!" exclaimed Mike
"What happened?" replied Arthur
"I was on the toilet and then a squeezed out a riz that was the size of a soccer ball!" Mike explained
by Iva Biggon January 20, 2008
a ride, a car, any automobile
you got your riz tonight
(you got you car tonight)

yo thats riz is sick
(that car is sick)
by s4e2a0n October 30, 2006
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