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a mannequin that looks like a shemale...
That store uses trannequins.
by AlstoPace March 25, 2007
A frankenword, or portmanteau, between trans and mannequin: a trannequin is a woman who identifies as female yet, in outward appearance, resembles a drag queen, transvestite or mtf transsexual.
-"Dude, Tyra Banks is totally a dude"
-"No, Tyra is a woman who looks like a man, who is trying to look like a woman: she is a trannequin."
by Roman M March 31, 2008
A hot mess tickity tac tranny from Transylvania mannequin.
O.M.G! That lady from the Tyra Banks show audience who claps for herself is such a trannequin.
by tickitytactranny September 04, 2008
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