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The condition of having a large amount of traffic on a road.
This road is extrememly trafficky.
by 5'11"Racer December 19, 2006
when there is so much traffic you cant even explain it right.
I was trying to make it to work on time but it was so trafficky.
by Fordalicious January 06, 2010
an adjective describing the dense state of traffic on the road.
Nina said that it was so trafficky on I-95, it took her 3 hours to get from DC back to Richmond after shopping for 5 hours at Ikea, which totally sucked because it made her late for the party.
by Furrowed Brow April 01, 2004
sea of red lights on the nation's highway; that uneasy feeling that comes with being stuck in traffic; the nature of traffic
There's an accident on the main corridor and everything is typically trafficky.
by Douglas Willliam Mowbray October 13, 2006
A lazy way of saying traffic is congested.
I am going to be home late, the roads are trafficky.
by JediGirl February 18, 2010
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