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The condition of having a large amount of traffic on a road.
This road is extrememly trafficky.
by 5'11"Racer December 19, 2006
15 4
when there is so much traffic you cant even explain it right.
I was trying to make it to work on time but it was so trafficky.
by Fordalicious January 06, 2010
7 0
an adjective describing the dense state of traffic on the road.
Nina said that it was so trafficky on I-95, it took her 3 hours to get from DC back to Richmond after shopping for 5 hours at Ikea, which totally sucked because it made her late for the party.
by Furrowed Brow April 01, 2004
10 3
sea of red lights on the nation's highway; that uneasy feeling that comes with being stuck in traffic; the nature of traffic
There's an accident on the main corridor and everything is typically trafficky.
by Douglas Willliam Mowbray October 13, 2006
5 2
A lazy way of saying traffic is congested.
I am going to be home late, the roads are trafficky.
by JediGirl February 18, 2010
2 0