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combination of track and practice, for lazy fucks from the track team like me who don't like to say track practice.
Taylor: hey, where were you before? you never answered my question..?
Natalie: ohh sorry, i was at tracktice!
Taylor: ah, it's alright.. my tractice starts in like 10.. cya
by natkick4fun March 31, 2010
Track-pratice. Practice for the sport of track.
Combination of the words; track and practice.
"Yo wanna hang out today"
"Can't, I have tracktice 'till five"
by Fian-G September 20, 2007
Track practice, in abbreviated form. Tracktice is were the men are seperated from the boys and true champions are made.
Track runner 1 "Hey are you going to tracktice today?"

Track runner 2 "Hell yea, i'm a trackstar"
by PotomacThug November 15, 2010
It's when you have track pratice but shorter
Tracktice was cancelled today cause its raining
by blondy1802 March 13, 2009