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1) A female who sleeps around, or sucks up a lot of guys in a very short period of time
2) A gurl who moves too fast
That bitch sucked up me and my homie in one night.

"damn wut a trackstar"
by erin November 19, 2003
a hoe or loose female that is cheap or free
don't fuck with her, she's a track star
by baby grl March 21, 2005
Track star is another name for an interveinous heroin addict. For the way their arms show tracks from syringes.
Remember dave from high school ...dudes a track star now you should see him, He is skinny like jesus on the Cross.
by V dux September 17, 2007
A biatch that makes a lot of money on the triznack turning tricks.
My biatch is a track star. I break her off G's.
by DaSnoopinatorFoSho March 22, 2003
A criminal who runs away as soon as he sees the police, and apparently thinks he is a track star for doing so. Normally yelled out to notify others someone is pulling a runner.
Two police officers break down a door and find a criminal inside. Criminal takes off with VCR
Police officer 1: "TRACK STAR!"
by sound of progress November 25, 2008
people who smoke pills Oxycodone Oxycotten ec. and it is PEOPLE! they never alone!
Trackstars session(group of people leave the room straws and foil in hand)
Track meet
by SaszquatchDiq March 11, 2011
a girl who has a hard time taking the dick. she makes alot of noise and runs from the dick
"I call her track star cuz when we fuck she runs from me" - Lil Wayne
by marie n b October 14, 2010
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