Online gaming slang acronym for "Type Quit" - typically done in a derragatory manner, to insult or humiliate other players.
Just TQ now, <_#($--WD--$)#_>Ownj00!
by UA August 26, 2004
Top Definition
short version for thank you.
bob: (hands over h/w to jim)
jim: tq
by maddie graves January 10, 2004
short for 'te quiero' (spanish for 'i love you')
equivalent of 'ly' (love you)
at end of a message...

heyyy how are you? looking pretty in your pics :) anyway i gtg, got people waiting for me, cant wait to see you! TQ xxxx
by mymilkshake91 March 13, 2011
Short for TeamQuebec.org, a Montreal based downhill skateboarding blog. Can also be used as a verb (TQing, TQed, etc.) meaning winning or performing any action with success.
Yo, did you see MGR and Kevin taking that corner? The asphalt just got TQed!

I was totally hung over for the race but I was TQing nonetheless.
by Dmitri K October 03, 2011
When you are getting your first blow job, unexpectedly blow a huge load all over the girls face and arms. Then walk out of the room like nothing happened.
Man, i T.Q'd on Jane at that party last night. That chick was drenched.
by CHANDIES February 15, 2009
An acronym meaning Thirst Quenching. Used to describe a sexually appealing, or aroused female.

The term derived from the fact that when the female is aroused, her vagina will secrete a lubricant, thus 'quenching your thirst' for 'pussy juice'.

-TQ (Quench Thirst): Sexually appealing. "Dude, that chicks sexy, she must be TQ.".
-QMT (Quench My Thirst): Oral Sex."I would like to QMT with that girl."

Ian: Yo dude, check out that chick... She's TQ.
Shaun: Damn your right bro... I'm gonna tap that and QMT, I'll probably get some 'popcorn' too.

Erik: Dude, did you hit up on that TQ girl last night?
Chris: Yeah man, she was soo TQ... I had to sop up all the juice with a towel after.
by ShaunG March 23, 2007
An acronym for Token Queer.
Shane was the only gay Republican in his school's College Republicans group. They keep him around as their TQ just to make it look like they value diversity.
by lexstud March 30, 2009
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