This “center of education” houses some of the hardest partiers on the East Coast…and not in the good way. The birthplace of the term “bros & hos,” Towson is populated by Jersey trash and all the UMD rejects. If they aren’t destroying the few brain cells they have left by getting blackout drunk every night of the week, they’re down in the Baltimore club scene getting date-raped by guidos on E…..who ALSO go to Towson. The wardrobe of a Towson Girl consists of leggings (which must constantly be worn as pants), Ugg boots for the winter and flip flops for the summer (although sometimes, these girls get confused and wear those stylin’ Uggs during a 90 degree heat wave and those flip flops, that double as their shower-attire, when it torrentially rains). And don’t forget their Winter North Face coats (fake fur included) and their (way too revealing) American Apparel t-shirts for those sticky Towson summers. The Number One rule for these gals at TU is to have at least 10 pounds of makeup on at ALL times, no matter what you’re wearing, where you’re going or who you’re seeing, and your hair, no matter what texture, must be straightened at least three times a day. “Did you take your trash out yet?” “No, I’ve been straightening…duh.” And for the boys…if you aren’t sporting a skewed baseball hat and some serious bling, then you’re probably wearing athletic shorts and your frat’s t-shirt at all times. TKE! Not…For those students who only destroy their brains with alcohol on the WEEKENDS…poppin’ adderall gets them through exams, homework and even class. Weed medicates their social anxiety and helps them get to sleep. Who needs that bullshit Counseling Center? And let’s not forget about Towson Sports….these kids care more about the next football game than they do about global warming…or even their own grades. And as much bragging as these frat-jocks spew out of their herpes-covered mouths, the only teams with good reputations are the Men’s Gymnastics team and the Women’s Lacrosse team. Nice goin’ guys. go to Towson University....
by TUHaters May 05, 2009
very slutty careful with the STD might just end up with an itchy crotch after just one night of funn
i went to towson university and came home with crabs.
by himynameisbob April 08, 2006
They house some of the trashiest women in the world at this university. Unfortunately it is also located in one of the top areas in the nation for STDs, that says a lot for the women on this campus. The greek life on this campus is weak and cannot rival any school in the U.S. The students on this campus are either transfer students from local community colleges or just the students who could not get into a decent college so they had to fall back on this state university. Most people seem to forget it was not long ago that this was called Towson State but they had to change the name so they wouldn\\\'t be considered such trash. Basically this campus is home to trashy girls and high school screw-ups who will never make anything out of their lives. I actually feel bad for the people who graduate from here because all they really did was waste their money to become nothing. Sorry to hear that and have to explain the truth to you.
To find trash with infections go to Towson University
by Truth Be Told April 26, 2005
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