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I don't know what everyone's talking about Towson being such a huge lacrosse school. Yes, lacrosse is a sport, and a fun one to play. I'm sorry, I just can't find watching a bunch of other kids running around playing all that interesting, unless they are quiddich-like in their tremendous talent. And I've had some good times at lacrosse parties... but mostly wasted ridiculousness where there were a buncha drunken douchbags 'n sluts, few w/ anything interesting to say, and they were largely forgettable experiences.
That being said I don't know anyone who's gone to more than one actual lacrosse game, few even then, and only drunk.

Yes, Towson has a lot of idiot frat-kids & preps, wearing their standard uniforms of polos and plaid shorts (wtf anyway?!), and dumb bitches in the winter wearing their ugg(ly) boots & fur-lined northface jackets, and sweatpants (to look like they are super chill girls who don't care what you think even though they all have a pound of make-up caked on behind their ludicrously large sunglasses); in warmer weather hey I'm not gonna complain about their attire... still most kids who dress like these pod people are relatively devoid of any creativity or interesting ideas, which might be why their style is so lame and uninspired. They are just at Towson 'cause it's a state school and they're either from NJ and for some reason want to come down and pollute our fine state with their ignorance, or they are from MD and their parents live w/in an hour away and are essentially forcing these kids to goto school 'cause it's necessary to do so these days, so these kids don't really care about their education but use it as a time to abandon all responsibilities in their newfound freedom and generally just kill time getting fucked up. These kids abuse alcohol heavily, and not just on weekends, because they are boring, socially awkward people just trying to fit in through conformity. Admittedly alcohol can serve an aid in awareness of the possibility of your lowered inhibitions, most people use it as a crutch, thinking themselves unable to just open up to strangers uninebriated.

But everyone isn't an alcoholic preppy fucking dipshit loser with nothing interesting to say or do.

...that's not all of Towson, not the heart of it anyway. Towson has a beautiful eclectic mix of musicians and artists. Folks all the time be jamming all about and especially on the Beach, tremendous place to chill in the sunshine amongst good company. Music and art is a constant lifestyle, it reverberates off the cluttered makeshift gallery walls of everyone's apartments. We're all unsure messes, but we've got a lot of ideas and we're all open to share them and hear others'; sleep rarely happens when intense conversations last for hours w/o pause. People are so loving and earnest here, you can be freely honest and most people will recognize it as constructive criticism & take no offense; everyone is in a constant effort of bettering themselves and the world around them. You can walk up to any stranger on the street and start a conversation about most anything. The guys @ 711 are super cool, always up for a chat. Homeless Mike (the mayor) will sing you some Red Hot Chile Peppers or some Bob Marley or Sublime or lord knows what else, and then chew the fat right nicely. On campus just about everyone at Newell and the Den are spectacularly nice, if not cool too. Towson has so many amazing teachers, by no means all of them, definitely talk to people before registering for classes, but so many teachers that earnestly care about you, the students, and the course material and make it interesting and interactive and then the kids in the class are all enthused and it's a magnificent scene. Folks are friendly here, and inspiration's plentiful. Plus there's soooo much to do in and around the area: adventures to Loch Raven, or at least the Glen Woods, trips to the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum (both free), open mic nights @ Ukazoo Bookstore on Dulaney Valley 1st Thurs of every month, or open mic randomly @ at Paws in the Union or in coffee shops, shows at: the Recher (occasionally has some awesome bands, tends to suck though), 10-car-pile-up, Charm City Artspace, the Talking Head, the FUNK BOX (8x10), the Copy Cat, and the Brass Monkey (but those guys are douchebags, still good shows sometimes).

Life is beautiful in Towson.
Groups of clones walking around, utterly indistinguishable in looks and thoughts, don't make up the funky-fresh joyous screaming soul of Towson; we jam and we love, every fucking moment at this wonderful haven for education and inspiration: Towson University.
by TravisWMcD May 01, 2008

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