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The town pump is the woman in a given neighborhood who is willing to let any man fuck her at anytime. She is often married and doesnt care what the man looks like, or his age, she will let him use her slutty body.
Kathy is our neighborhood's town pump. She lets an average of 20 to 30 men fuck her every month. Sometimes 2 or 3 men line up at her door waiting their turn to fill her slutty body with cum. She just answers her door wearing sexy mini skirts or even naked and lets them do whatever they want. Her kids are used to hearing Kathy begging to be fucked harder from her bedroom. Sometimes they even see her bent over in the living room letting one of the neighbors use one of her dirty fuckholes.
by btld January 31, 2008
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a promiscuous woman, especially one who lives nearby (from a term for a water supply shared by a town or village)
Here comes the town pump. Lets get out of here.
by The Return of Light Joker June 16, 2010
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When there is only one well in a town, EVERYONE in town has to go to the same pump to get water. Just like everyone in town goes to pump your Mom.
by Oh Snap!!!!!!!! July 18, 2006
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(Noun). Refers to a local female who has oral intercourse with numerous men, one after another, standing in a line.
The town pump always spits.
by somegoof January 19, 2005
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