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(Noun). One who acts affectionately toward another so as to excel, usually because he cannot do so on his own merits.
(Verb). To be a suck-up. To suck-up. Sucking-up.
The graduate student was so good at sucking-up that he never had to worry about funding.
by somegoof January 19, 2005
A student of umass. Typically, the word is used to refer to an undergraduate who has just been released from his parents' leash.
It pisses me off that I have to stand in front of those umassholes and put up with their bullshit.
by somegoof January 18, 2005
(Derrogatory.) A cubicle in which an entry-level IT or clerical employee works, typically far from the break room and restroom and having no windows.
The new employee did not take lightly the fact that her workspace was refered to as a "rube cube" by the other employees.
by somegoof January 21, 2005
A foul-smelling vagina.
I was going out with LeeAnn, but she's got stinkpuss.
by somegoof January 18, 2005
Alternative name for Huntsville, AL. Typically used by old-school denizens of same said city.
Huntspatch--you can never quite leave it behind.
by somegoof January 19, 2005
Type of joke made by those with a peculiar fixation on feces and colonic function. A joke which has a particular emphasis on feces or colonic function.
Sam continued to post his poop jokes on urbandictionary.com, but they weren't really slang terms.
by somegoof January 20, 2005
Goofery is the property of being goofy. Alt. a collection of goofy acts usually attributed to a goof.
The freshmens' goofery so affronted the visiting parents that no allowance was given for a month.
by somegoof January 18, 2005

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