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A teacher or other authority figure who is listening in on your conversation that you REALLY don't want there, so to warn your posse, you say: "Uh guys, towe!"
Person One- Omfg, did you hear that Veronica got knocked up?!?
Person Two- Oh shnap! Towe! Towe! TOWE!

Person One- And then I smoked soo muu-
Person Two- Soo there are lots of towes around today :coughs:
the blood that comes at the end of your menstrual cycle. a little bit shit brown in colour, sometimes has an acidy feel. named for vic towes,(pronounced taves) canada's current public safety minister.
" i'm sorry, i can't fuck you today, i've got the towes and i just don't feel sexy. "
by kitrotten February 20, 2012
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