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TOULA- A SEXY WOG BITCH, OF ANY NATIONALITY WITH THE RIGHT LOOKS AND ATTITUDE, NOT TO MENTION APPETITE. Toula is always in her fully sik done up car and has to have at least one smash on it, always have lip gloss and back up chocolate bar in your handbag. also on all times a toula has her makeup case, perfumes and smokes. NEVER, EVER EVER EVER EVER PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH..unless you are in a carpark, nightclub toilet or fast food outlet. you know you are truely a toula when a car full of lebs go past and even his mum is flickin the bean ova your fully sick hotness.
omg toula!! i was so going to get that lip gloss, like it was the last one leeeft, but i saw a hot donut place at the vic markets yule, i was fully wrapped like sarma!
by toula, voula and soula April 28, 2006