an insult for stupid people who do or say something really stupid
man that dude is tough--" D U M B "--tough
by dirty ike April 01, 2011
Being really fucking high
Brad is the toughest guy here
by AKnigga October 12, 2010
A kid who can train mma in california with top fighters like tito ortiz. Can turn down NASA because flying to the moon bumped into his schedule of flying around the world in one day. After flying around the world he beat the land speed record bare foot with a blister on his heal. Chuck Norris trained him and then he beat him up with one punch like most of his other fights. In the tour de france he won on a uni cycle going backwards. Oh yea he's also got a pretty cool screw driver.
I'm so tough i can bench 350 Ilb blind folded
by Colton Sumner March 17, 2011
describes any female that makes heads turn
"Yo, you see that broad right there?"
"Yeah. She real tough."
by intellithug August 09, 2007
Someone who does not give into pressure, get comfortable, in some cases demonstrates the ability to pathologically lie (this is rare),can be heartable but definitly does not heart others and has the tendancy to steal the inside spoon...also known as Testa,Michael...
if asked the question "do you heart me?" the "tough" individual would respond with "no, i am tough" ..
by annonymous(C) December 08, 2006
Saturday Night Live phrase
1. Tough cookie!

2. Tough cookie!!

3. I mean here comes Britney and here comes ____ and BAM!

4. Hits head and knocks her over
by AliceinWomanland February 04, 2008
Something you call someone who acts holier than thou, thinks they are cool.
"Kid I'll beat you"
"Eeeeasy there tough"
by Jackie January 18, 2005

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