You're clenching hard, but the little brown turlte has got his head out of the shell, and is chomping on your underpants.
The fact that we was touching cloth rapidly disuaded him from from letting rip a trouser tornado.
by Jockey August 19, 2003
having an urge to shit and hold on
i was driving home the other night and really needed a turd seriously i was touching cloth i was that close
by lytral 79 August 04, 2009
when the brown dog is peeking his nose through the fence, when the turtle's head is out, when you need to drop the kids off at the pool.
the feeling of playing ping pong in your undies (without a partner)
by Amy Noonan August 09, 2003
When one binds ones "cheese" in fabric,thus leaving the woven imprint upon the "ripe old cheshire"!
"i'm touching cloth, you'd better cut yourself a slice off this...go on...there's plenty."
by Darran Pritchard October 17, 2003
When one has left it far too long before having a shit and the brown toad slips out early
Oh fuck, I'm going to have to leave you, as I think I'm touching cloth
by Mikey Ross July 26, 2003
when one needs to use the lavatry so bad that it is unbearable and the excrement begins to touch your underwear.
Touching cloth is the stage before the term running (or rolling depending on the shape)down ur leg and after the stage of losing control of ur bowels. Touching cloth more often than not leads to stains so, heavens, please do be aware
Emma: oh gee i think im touching cloth colleen
Colleen: oh emma i do believe i am also touching cloth
Emma: yahaha yahha golly thats astounding lets go clean up
Colleen: that would be great. would you mind if i were to have a joint which i rolled this morning
Emma: why id be offended if you didnt
by deane October 15, 2007
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