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Being left out, third wheeled, spare tired or flat out shunned so hard you feel disgusted and don't want to live anymore.
"Duuuude, last night I got sammed so hard by these two kids making out."

"The evening started nicely, wii bowling, couple of drinks but I felt pretty sammed when they started making out"            
by Scotch Mints? February 16, 2009
6 1
To receive a kick, punch or similar blow to the crotch, in public.

Often causing not just severe pain, but anger and great embarrassment.

A funny spectacle for others to watch.
Simmilar to owned/pwnd
Member of public: "Dude you got sammed"
by Nic Palmer May 20, 2008
6 1
to be fooled into thinking a girl is hot through a picture she sends while in real life she is actually quite unfortunate.
i saw that bitch today who sent me a hot pic last night..not good.

bra you got sammed!! yadigg?
by omghahalol May 17, 2009
6 5
Toe be samuried. To defeat/be defeated in a samurai-like way.
Bitch got sammed in that fight yesterday!
by Anabasis March 17, 2010
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To ejeculate or cause someone to orgasm without physical cause merely with eye-contact.
she looked at me and i totally Sammed in my pants.
by ewokery October 21, 2009
1 1